Sport and Cultural Activities

A great way to build the team, motivate people, reduce stress and just enjoy a very good time, is by joining-in the team activities which we can  organise especially for your group.

There’s plenty to choose from and we can help you to design excursions from a wide range of possibilities including, for example, fitness trails, cultural strolls to admire the monuments, treasure hunts, orienteering, ‘Olympic’ sports, dance and painting classes – something for everyone!

Provence and the Cote d’Azur and much of Spain are all regions where it is possible to create and organise all manner of events and excursions, challenges and competitions - all taking place in the beautiful coastal regions, or, even, in the snow-covered foothills of the Alps or the Pyrenees.

The cultural and architectural heritage and the sheer beauty  of these regions can hardly be over emphasised, with their history of wonderful wines and  gastronomic delights for you and you colleagues to sample and enjoy.

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