The perfect activity for gastronomy lovers

Get beyond the tourist traps and discover the flavours of a city on a tapas tour that will capture your imagination and invigorate the senses.

A tapas tour will guide you around a city stopping off regularly to sample the best dishes in the best Spanish and South of France locations where you will be rubbing shoulders with the locals that have been visiting the tapas bars for hundreds of years. You will learn in a relaxed and informal way about the history and origins of tapas as well as the personality of the tapas dishes in different parts of Spain and France formed by the delicious local ingredients that give each area their characteristics.

As well as sampling some of the more traditional dishes in the old and charismatic tapas bars, many tapas tours will also include newer establishments that create modern and innovative tapas with many of the same local ingredients but sometimes with a more international influence.

There is no better way to sample the flavours of a city then being guided around the streets on a tapas tour, soaking up the history and flavours of this wonderful tradition.

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