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Are you ready for an incredible adventure in the trees? We offer you this activity because our experience has shown that a fun and challenging day is a perfect way to build a team!

During your seminars or incentives, the Tree Climbing allows your team to enjoy the natural elements while offering great sensations and a little excitement.

This activity is accessible for most people and uses the forest as a big playground, adapting slightly dangerous situations into skillful game. The tree climbing is a recreational activity that allows people to discover trees and their environment through the climb. For reasons of safety and to facilitate movement in the trees, the tree climbing is practiced with safety equipment consisting of a harness, rope, carabiners, and interlocking knots.

Throughout the climb, the climber uses mega zip, tunnels, and wooden bridges to reach the end of the course.

Nothing can stop you with your team’s encouragement!

Of course, the principal aspects of this adventure is fun and security so don’t panic and enjoy this moment  to the full!

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