The Bay Of Saint Michel

A medieval masterpiece!

It's said that at Mont St Michel, the tide comes in as fast as a galloping horse. Come and see if that's true by crossing the bay on foot, to discover a fascinating natural and historical site.

Don't be afraid of the shifting sands. Don't let the tidal bore frighten you. At low tide, the empty expanse of the bay is home to a surprising biodiversity. Your guide will tell you all about how tides work and about the flora and fauna that exist around here. He'll also tell you the history of the abbey, the legends connected with it, and the reclamation works that are currently being carried out.

You have a choice of departure points for your expedition across this impressive, evocative landscape. If you're very energetic you can walk for 13 km, treading the fine line between land and sea. During the Spring tides it's a simply magical sight.

The Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel is subject to some of the biggest tidal ranges or variations in the world, creating an ever-changing seascape. It makes for a sublime sight, watching the waters and patterns across the vast bay change hour by hour, minute by minute. The glorious Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel has, like the holy mount itself, been classified a World Heritage Site.

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