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Tour of the historical heritage of Brittany

Brittany boasts many heritage and historical treasures: castles, fortified towns, churches, museums, cities of art and history, megalithic alignments ... so many sights to discover.

Castles and fortifications: Breathtaking ocean-defying military forts, mansions perched on high, small towns of character, the castles of Britainny retain the marks of their medieval past, while posting for many of the architectural influences from the centuries they have crossed. Ready for a trip back in time?

Churches and Abbeys: Does a countryside dotted with crosses and crucifixes define Brittany? Fervent and religious, Bretons have  built many abbeys, churches and chapels whose doors are now open to all lovers of history, architecture and gardens but also to contemporary art.

Ecomuseums: They are part of those places where time seems to stand still. Ecomuseums invite you to relive the lives of Britons of yesteryear, when the hammers of blacksmiths could be heard on the corners of the streets, the washerwomen beating linen and horses pulled the carts. There is, no need to close your eyes to believe it, you are there!

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