Cooking Classes

Learn to cook like a chef…and enjoy the magical flavour of food prepared yourself.

There is no better way to get to the heart of Cannes than by learning to create its gastronomic cuisine. The friendly and relaxed environment of the class enables team members to work together in this hands on activity, sharing tasks and learning new cooking methods. The classes are designed for all levels of skills and there is something for everyone from the beginner to more experienced cook.

In a palace or a small kitchen, whether cooking gourmet or traditional dishes from the region, we can arrange for you a fun and delicious activity, where you will perhaps discover your skills as an amateur cook. Tapenade, anchovy, pesto, desserts made with fresh fruits and edible flowers, or exceptional dishes such as truffles, scallops and mushrooms will have no more secret for you

From 10 to 20 people per course : the Cookery School of the starred chef opens her doors and organizes cooking class in its restaurant in the lovely mountain village of Mougins. For these activities, you have the choice between “Starter and Main course” or “Main course and Dessert”.  And for added enjoyment your own ‘haute cuisine’ served with a glass or two, of locally produced wine.

From 6 to 12 people : you can enjoy an extraordinary adventure. You choose the meal you’d like to cook from a from a variety of menus. On the day, you’ll be welcomed by the chef in the Cookery School, and you’ll be presented with all the ingredients for your chosen meal . Assisted by a waiter, the chef will prepare your meal as you watch, talking you through all the technical skills involved and revealing some of his secrets. You will be free to move around and take a closer look at the demonstration in what is a very friendly and informal atmosphere.

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