Hot Air Ballooning

Come and enjoy the city from the heights by taking part in an unforgettable adventure. Float gently between the clouds and get the views of the trees and the corn fields and the pretty villages…

After confirmation of good weather conditions for this activity, we will take you from your hotel in Lyon to the meeting point at approximately 30 minutes from the city centre. The flight will start around 7-8 AM. We will get to the air field with the company vehicles which are at our disposal. Then we will be introduced to the world of Hot Air Ballooning, with an explanation of the basic rules and technical safety features.

With the help of the participants we will start preparing the balloon. After allowing about thirty  minutes for the inflation of the balloon, taking photos and videos, the pilot will switch on the heaters and the hot air  balloon is ready for us to climb into it, put on our flying hats and embark on our adventure - Up, Up and Away!
Depending on the wind direction, we will fly over the Beaujolais area and the Lyons mountains. The flight will last around 70 to 90 minutes and the pilot will identify the best place to land.

Once we have landed, refreshments will be served to the intrepid travellers and then we will then go to the reserved area at the nearby hotel for an Andalusian breakfast, where we will do the debriefing among the participants and pilots.

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