Special Tour

Off the beaten track! – specially themed tours of the city!

Enyevent Solutions invites you to stroll around the charming streets of Lyon, the capital city of the Rhône Alpes area, and discover its most famous places and its rich history.

Mystery and History: Head out and discover the 24-hectare Renaissance district, named “Vieux-Lyon” (Old Lyon), the most important preserved sector in France. 2,000 years of history and heritage, revealed through a guided tour, to unravel the mystery of the traboules and galleries, while weaving through a labyrinth of paved alleyways.

Lyon by night: Discover the magical effect of the city’s lights on its bridges, riverbanks and facades. Lyon’s appearance changes as night falls, thanks to a cleverly designed lighting scheme. Experience the charm of a night stroll, where shadow and light effects blend with reflections on the water, giving the city an eternally festive ambiance.

Wall paintings: An original, out-of-the-ordinary coach tour to admire Lyon’s 80 wall paintings depicting the city’s history and the visionary spirit of Lyon architect Tony Garnier in a large, unique outdoor museum.
Cultural excursions: you can relax on the shore of Lake Annecy, head to the little villages of Drôme Provençale set in the hilltops, on the Ardèche Gorges. Or else observe the fauna and flora in the Drome’s lake area or explore Beaujolais’ golden stone villages.

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