Wine Tour

Take a trip around the beautiful Beaujolais Region!

If you dream to know the specifics of wine and learn the tricks of oenology, come with us to discover the exceptional Beaujolais wines of the region.

The region of Beaujolais offers ideal conditions to produce wines of exceptional quality, in a beautiful environment. The Beaujolais area, rich in heritage and history, offers you the opportunity to taste some fine wines, while discovering diverse landscapes and ancient monuments.

Along this wine tour, as you drive through charming towns with beautiful castles, let us introduce you to some of the most renowned Beaujolais wines at a small family Estate  in the magnificent cellar of a Chateau. With your guide, learn about the “terroir” and the different characteristics of the Beaujolais wines appellations. Push the door of a Château winery or discover some secrets about grape growing and the different steps of the unique Beaujolais wine making process called “semi-carbonic” maceration.

Finally, meet a passionate wine-maker and visit his small winery before wine-tasting several "Crus Beaujolais" wines in a friendly atmosphere.

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