Cooking Classes

Discover the secrets of authentic and traditional cuisine of Marseille and work with your team members to whip up a delicious meal in one of our recommended cooking classes.

There is no better way to get to the heart of the South of France than by learning to create its local speciality – in Marseille, it is the Bouillabaisse. The friendly and relaxed environment of the class enables team members to work together in these hands on activity, sharing tasks and learning new cooking methods. The classes are designed for all levels of difficulty and there is something for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced cook.

Gastronomy in Marseille is a fundamental part of the culture because the city has one of the most famous fishing harbour and the cooking class will allow to learn how to prepare dishes with fish. The group will be divided into teams and they will receive explanation of the class followed by a tour of the typical local stores and get to know their products. For more fun and competition, these will be submitted to the jury who will issue a verdict according to the presentation and the flavours.

The group will be able to taste their own Bouillabaisse which will be complemented by some other typical products of the region.

Enyevent Solutions gives you the chance to become a “chef” and enjoy Marseille’s cuisine!

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