Wellness and Spa

If you want to treat yourself to a spa and visit the sunny Principality of Monaco at the same time, escape to the South of France. Bordered by beautiful beaches, which border this much appreciated and World famous stretch of the Mediterranean, you will never be short of a new vista to admire.

There is nothing like a turquoise shore, under a clear sky, to regain your balance and wellbeing. Monaco offers you a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere in any season.

To boost your team after a long day, a thalassotherapy in Monaco will help you regain the bright side of life, because the Mediterranean coast provides us with those important trace elements, along with many others.

Many hotels on the French Riviera have the facilities to offer thalassotherapy or spa. If you choose this second option, take time to stroll on the beach, preferably early in the morning to soak up the marine climate, rich in soothing negative ions.

To relax completely, steam baths, swimming pools with massage jets are offered to guests. Let go of your muscle tension, feel like a celebrity and find a beautiful harmony!

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