Sporting Activities

The region of Languedoc contains an enormous natural diversity which allows for lots of active and adventurous enjoyment. For incentive trips, the area of Montpellier provides specially adapted spaces for orientation races, descents of ravines, rafting, rowing, paint-ball, fishing and lots more!

Enyevent Solutions offers a multi adventure day in the area, which is located about one hour drive from the city of Montpellier. We would like to show you this region in an “active“way a perfect combination between tourism, nature and sport.

You can choose to join a real multi adventure day including many sporting activities such as: climbing, mountain biking, and orienteering. Or you can focus on the ‘complete rafting experience’, a combination of rafting and kayaking, a half-day of climbing and rappel adventure, a combination of quads, orientation activities … it is up to you and your objectives - and your stamina!
What more could anyone ask for?

The important thing is to have fun and get to know this beautiful natural region of France, so different from your homeland.

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