Perfume Workshop

Enyevent Solutions prompts you in the famous museum and perfume workshop of Fragonard, one of the bigger creator of parfum of Côte d'Azur. Come to discover the secrets of making perfumes that are found in all major hotels in the area.

Sitting in a picturesque setting between Nice and Monaco, at the foot of rocks and poised above the sea, this modern design perfume factory is an interesting contrast to its location in the charming medieval village of Eze. The laboratory uses modern technology to supply all of Fragonard's creams, lotions, and bath gels. The entire manufacturing process is displayed for these cosmetics and beauty products. Visitors might even help make a cream or bath gel.

Become the Perfumer's Apprentice and customise an Eau de Toilette in a dedicated workshop.  An unforgettable, amusing  and fascinating sensorial experience, focused on the creation of a fragrance where aromatic notes, citrus family and orange blossom blend together.

In addition to the visit to the Fragonard Museum, we offer you the opportunity to create your own Eau de Toilette.
A perfume expert runs the one and a half hours "Perfumer's Apprentice" workshop, which is held in one of our factory’s class room depending on the venue. This workshop's program highlights the history of the Perfumery, the origins of the raw materials, with an explanation of the different essences used by a "Nose", sensory and olfactory memory development.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive your 100 ml customised flask of perfume.

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