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If you want to treat yourself to a spa and visit the sunny city of Nice at the same time, then you should escape to the South-eastern France. Bordered by magnificent promenades and beaches, this World famous and fashionable resort offers a perfect climate for your complete relaxation.

There is nothing like turquoise shores, under a clear sky, to regain your balance and tranquility balance. Nice offers you a relaxing atmosphere in any season.

To boost your team after a long day, a ‘thalassotherapy’ treatment in a luxury hotel Spa will help you regain the bright side of life, because the seaside of Nice brings beneficial elements for your health, along with many other enjoyable experiences in this mixture of old and new architecture.

The city of Nice has  lots of Spa hotels which allows the welcome of thousands visitors annually.

With tea rooms, fitness area, cabins for treatments, wet areas with sauna, Turkish baths, aromatic showers and beauty rooms, the city is well-equipped to cater for your very need, and you can only be delighted by this surprise. Take time to stroll on the beaches, preferably in the morning to soak up the early sunshine, rich in vitamins and marine air.

A place to relax in a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere!  Enjoy a journey to the heart of your soul. Find harmony in your body and spirit. Forget the stress… and beautify your body from inside and out!

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