D-Day and the battle area

We provide a quality and unusual expedition for exploring the sites of the Landings in Normandy and the battle area.
It is an idea of controlled coaching/teaching that examines the year 1944, a key year when sciences and techniques exploited on by the Allied Forces made the Liberation landings in Western Europe possible despite the more cutting-edge technologies of the Nazi occupying forces. By offering a unique "hands on" and dynamic experience, under the guidance of experts, with the vehicles and equipment of 1944, these programmes fill the gap left by traditional museums whose displays are behind glass, separated from the visitor and with often only a scripted commentary.
Through the five senses, the Academy approach is the key to a better understanding of the reality of 1944 as it impacted on the participants from different nations.  A mobile, open-air museum, taking visitors to historic sites in vintage transport with on-board historians and D-Day memorabilia.

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