Sand yatch on the beach

For those companies looking for corporate challenges, Enyevent Solutions offers the opportunity to discover the thrills of extreme sports with a sand yachting experience on the top spots of Normandy.

What is this sand yachting about? You will glide across the land in a wheeled vehicle powered solely by the wind through the use of a sail – just like a real yacht in fact, but you won’t sink! Historically, land sailing (or sand yachting) was used as a mode of transportation or recreation. Since the 1950s it has evolved primarily into a racing sport. This challenge is suitable for companies wishing to offer their employees a rich activity sensation.
An initial introductory phase allows the participants to get familiar with the yachts and, then, a graded challeng is organised, with the presentation of trophies to the winners if desired.
Races are organised in accordance with the safety conditions required for weather conditions and the skill level of the participants.
The races are approved by the French Sand Yachting Federation. The Association is affiliated with the French Handisport Federation.We will be able to combine this activity with a nice lunch on the beach, oyster tastings and many other gastronomic delights.

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