Lavender Roads

Lavender is the worldwide ambassador of Provence. Its bright colour and its delicate perfume are a permanent invitation to go on a trip...

In summer, lavender fields paint the landscape and offer the visitors a unique panorama in the purified air. Harvesting is performed by machines or by hand by the time the lavender reaches the peak of its blossoming season.

From  that moment the sweet fragrance that invades the county of Sault is diffused by the smoking chimneys of the distilleries and the transport of containers filled with freshly distilled lavender. Because of its medicinal and therapeutical qualities there is a great demand for essential lavender oil by the pharmaceutical industry and by aroma therapists.

In the county of Sault the fields of lavender and lavandin are blossoming at the same time during July. It is the amount of rain and the warmth in Spring that determines the blossoming in summer. In the middle of July the harvest begins with cutting the bunches of lavender flowers by hand, after that the cutting is done by machines. The harvesting period lasts until about the middle of August, and at this moment, the Fête de la Lavande begins and the villages are decorated by lots of bunches of lavender.

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