Les Voiles de St-Tropez

St Tropez, playground of the rich and famous on the beautiful French Riviera coast, is the perfect setting for Les Voiles de St Tropez, an incredible event featuring hundreds of world class yachts that take to the Mediterranean sea to battle it out for one of the most prestigious trophies of the sailing calendar.

This event is an amazing spectacle featuring beautiful old and traditional yachts as well as some awe inspiring modern designs on the newer boats. Sailing enthusiasts from all corners of the world flock to St Tropez to both take part in the event and watch and admire the exhibition.

For a unique demonstration of sailing in one of the most glamorous destinations in the world, Les Voiles de St Tropez is everything and more, and as well as the glorious explosion of the senses out at sea, there is also a mass of events on land that all add to the electric atmosphere that the event creates in this glamorous  town.

For something that combines all the qualities of glamour, opulence and tradition in a perfect and picturesque setting, Les Voiles de St Tropez is a leading contender.

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