City Gymkhana

This group activity offers you the opportunity to discover all the beautiful places in Toulouse while facing different challenges. The principal objective is to get to know the city in a different and pleasant way. However, the participants also have to fulfil some other goals like: working in team, developing their imagination within a healthy competition, and – above all – having fun.

We will divide the entire group into smaller teams. Next, every team will receive the instructions for the game together with a map, writing material and at least one photo camera per group. All the teams start at the same time, leaving the same spot, but they will visit the different challenges spot in a different order. At the end of the trail all teams gather at the finishing point.

To make sure that every team passes all the spots, they have to fulfil some tasks. During the walking tour the teams have to solve puzzles, find the solution to a riddle, find a certain object, find a legend or history, take photos, etc... A monitor assists the team during the entire trajectory and watches over the good evolution of the tour.

This activity is very flexible. You can choose to add a drink and a stop to eat some crystallized violet - a Toulouse’s candy, etc. The walking tours can also be altered to make them shorter or longer. They will bring you to beautiful plazas, streets, churches and parks and leave you with a great souvenir of the city.

An unforgettable day!

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