Rally around the city

Discover the wonder of the Toulouse countryside area and feel the adrenaline rush that you get when speeding along with your team mates in an epic 4x4 or 2CV rally.

Rallies can take place in many scenic and diverse terrains, whether it is in a luscious nature reserve or a picturesque vineyard, this kind of activity is an unforgettable adventure on any type of trip.

The route in 2CV or 4×4 will focus on magnificent views and reveal the architectural secrets of the city, its gastronomy, its culture, which guests will take the time to appreciate. Following the briefing, you will evolve independently through your road book and tourist card that we will give to each team, allowing the participants to orient themselves.

For more fun, Enyevent Solutions can arrange a challenge which consists to find an original team name or find a hymn on the tune of a known song, a quiz, or a picture rally.

Upon request, participants will also have the opportunity to taste regional products and receive an award for the best teams.

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