Rugby training

Rugby is a regional sport in Toulouse, and that is why learning it is a must if you're in the area. For more fun, Enyevent Solutions offers each team to develop its war shout, inspiring by the famous "Haka" of the Team of New Zealand, in order to impress its opponents.

Follow the guide and put in the footsteps of the legendary players of the red and black team! After having discussed, in pictures, about the history of Toulouse rugby, browse and discover the stage spaces drives, stands and boxes, wall and cuts.

Then, guests will come to the amateur stadium, and after a complete brief on safety and a hard training worthy of a great Toulouse player, the participants will be separated in several team to start a game. A coach will be there to guide you throughout the game.

Once the match is over, why not continue with a picnic composed by local products on the stage, and to relax, ending the day in a hotel spa...

A top athlete's real life!

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