Special Tours

The city of Toulouse, is association with Enyevent Solutions is able to offer unusual and exceptional routes through the centre of the city.

Visit the Palace of Justice: Learn about the Toulouse history. This architectural building symbolizes Justice thanks to its transparency.  Built around Roman vestiges - the remains of Narbonne Gate, the Roman road - and heritage of the sixteenth century - the Castle of the Counts of Toulouse and the Grand Chamber - this monument mixes modernity and history in a unique setting. An exceptional visit in the centre of Toulouse.

The senses’ routes: Enjoy olfactory atmospheres in the Pink City! Walk in the Toulouse gardens, close your eyes and let the city tells its story by the smells, the tastes and its specific colours. After a beautiful tour around the Japanese garden, come to taste the candy of Toulouse, the cristallized violet and enjoy this calm place in the heart of one of the most dynamic cities in France. Another lovely way to discover Toulouse.

Toulouse and its secrets: Let yourself be drawn into a hunt for hidden treasures of Toulouse. You have to find a stylish Virgin, a small rider, a Saint in a niche, a adored woman, a prince in his hotel, an inspired artist ... An amazing vision of Toulouse.

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