Wine Tasting

Live a unique and sensory experience between land and knowledge... Enyevent Solutions invites you in a cellar to taste local wines and discover the secrets of best ones.

In the city of Toulouse, the production of wine is a real know-how. You can participate in wine courses for all levels. By separating into several groups, and led by an oenologist, the team will taste high quality wines, without forgetting to visit the winery and hear its story.

We invite you to discover the tastes of South West France through a sensory analysis of wine produced by a local Castle. For a two-hour activity or a full day with a lunch, we can provide the animation around wine with quizzes, taste game in a friendly and interactive atmosphere.

During your visit, you will be able to choose the desired level of sensory analysis and for more fun, you can turn this animation in competition with reward and allow to the winner to not leave empty-handed, because after the tasting, the house offers him a bottle of quality wine to take home.

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