City Gymkhana

Around the charming city streets of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Palma and Formentora, bustling with locals, or on their beautiful sandy beaches with wonderful views out to sea, a City Game or a City Gymkhana could be the ideal activity to encourage some friendly competition as well as being an alternative way to explore these cities and their sights, whilst incorporating some fun and games along the way.

Spirits will be raised and competitive attitudes elevated as the challenge advances, and tensions will rise as team members work together against the clock, competing to outscore other teams.

The well-designed games feature a selection of puzzles, quizzes and activities around these cities and ensure that all team members can get involved.

The sense of accomplishment achieved after completing each section will spur on and motivate team members for the next, before the game ends and the highest scoring team is announced as the winner.

If you’re after some excitement and the opportunity to take part in a fun yet challenging group activity in a great location, then this kind of event could be ideal for your business or incentive trip.

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