Traditional Activities

The Basque traditional activity will begin with an exhibition game of the most popular Basque sports, the “pelota vasca” followed by classes of 'Basque ball' for the participants or with a team competition.

After these games are complete, we will organize a gymkhana of 'rural sport' in which the participants, divided into teams, will do a series of tests related to the Basque culture: sokatira, txingas, mazorkas and the launch of txapelas.

Depending on the size and budget of the group, we would propose the following variations:
Option 1 : We will visit a typical village of the Biscay coast to enjoy a traditional gourmet lunch.

Option 2 : After the cultural sightseeing, the group will participate in a traditional ‘food fair’ which consists of seven stalls featuring six local products, animated with lively traditional music. The participants will pass along the different stalls where they can enjoy homemade bread, homemade sausage, grilled sardines, Guernica and Goxua peppers, besides trying out the typical "txakolí” – a very dry white wine.

Option 3 : We will visit a traditional cider house in the countryside where we will have lunch. Cider houses are usually "caserios" which have facilities for the preparation and bottling of cider, and a space for the ‘kupelas’ and long tables where we can taste the specialties like cod omelet, fried cod with green peppers, and barbecued steak. It has become a tradition for the Basque people to come to these cider temples to practice the "txotx" ritual, which is extremely beautiful and very peculiar.

Consumption of cider is unlimited – take care!

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