Golf Courses

Imagine you are on a wonderful golf course on the Canary Islands. Golf is the perfect combination of challenge and fun. In an exceptional setting, offering a mild temperature all year round, we will introduce you to the best golf clubs where you will find the best places to stand, focus and hit the ball. You will hear the exclamation: What a shot!

If you are looking for activities to strengthen your team spirit and motivate your employees in a competitive climate, we can offer your clients an enjoyable time around a corporate event that combines work,  relaxation, pleasure and concentration.  The golf course is the best place to grow together, develop your skills and have a good time.

We offer a variety to the various courses suitable for beginners in the Canary Islands Golf Resorts. You can improve teaching techniques, based on sensations, balance and coordination. We can also organize golf competitions in different teams.

Lots of funny exercises are developed to create a good atmosphere, and encourage a good relationship between colleagues.

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