Sporting Activities

The Canary Islands offer lots of opportunities for the practice of trekking, which enjoys great popularity on the archipelago.

Hikes and trails for the team to explore the islands through ancient forests, spectacular volcanoes, impressive ravines and gigantic mountains which descend into the turquoise sea.

Discover the Natural Park of the Volcanoes and the spectacular variety of shapes and colors of the volcanic landscape: craters, seas of lava and volcanic tubes; combined with a swim in the bay. We will organize a professional trekking activity to walk to the peaks of Teno through a lush forest of heather trees, or a long walk along the west coast of Gran Canaria. The Canary Islands offer various itineraries to appreciate all the variety of its landscapes.

There are routes for all tastes and of various difficulties that will allow the participants to discover the historical and cultural heritage of these parts.

During the trekking, we provide all beverages and a take away picnic to enjoy in front of a beautiful panorama, including the local tasty products.

The mild climate allows the practice of hiking throughout the year and many companies choose this activity for a memorable team day.

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