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Our expert team is always looking for new creative ideas of making your tour in Canary Islands an unforgettable experience.

A day in Gran Canaria : Early in the morning we can visit the protected natural area of Charca just a few steps from the Palmeral Maspalomas. This pond which extends between the sea and the sand is the place chosen by the birds migrating from Europe to Africa. If we walk along the sea from the lighthouse towards the dunes, we arrive to Punta de Maspalomas, which is a beautiful place.
After a walk on the seaside, we can go to the Museum and Archaeological Park Cueva Pintada which ensures the conservation, research and dissemination of one of the most unique sites on the island of Gran Canaria. In this way  you can approach and understand one of the most exciting periods in the history of the island.

Full-day in Lanzarote : For a full-day, the participants can discover the Fire Mountains or Timanfaya which are part of a vast area affected by volcanic eruptions that took place in Lanzarote between 1730 and 1736, and later, in 1824. This long process of eruption was one of the most important and spectacular historical outbreaks of volcanic activity on Earth, and has drastically changed the morphology of the island. In this place, the participants can visit an area which remained virtually engulfed in a thick coat of lava and ash. To make your trip special, we can organize a safari ride mounted on top of the camels and take a walk along the dunes of this very unique land of Lanzarote.

Whale watching in Tenerife : The southwest coast of Tenerife is a privileged location for whale watching. There are colonies of whales and dolphins that live there all year round and we invite you to discover this spectacular show. Their presence is so near the coast that Tenerife has become the foremost  site in Europe to see whales in the wild.
You can observe up to 21 different species in these waters, from the gigantic blue whale to the  terrible, but still beautiful, orca whale. Don’t miss this opportunity whilst visiting Tenerife, because only few places in the world offer such a wide range of species in such a short distance from your hotel.

History break in Fuertaventura : The park Betancuria has an exceptional scientific interest but also a chromatic and structural feature on its entire surface. Overall, it is a landscape of great beauty, adorned with unique elements, characteristic of the area such as ravines and ridges. In the rocks and mountains, many protected plants are sheltered.
We can also admire imported species such as Moorish tobacco and a few small populations of pines. Other special habitats such as wetlands and dams of Peñitas las los Molinos have a great interest in wildlife and the cliffs are a refuge for many species of birds.
For those who like nature, this Park offers exceptional points of view for discovering the coast and the inlands of the Canary Islands, where you can appreciate the fauna and flora of the region.

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