Tapas Hopping

This group activity offers you the opportunity to discover all the beautiful places in the city while facing different challenges, including a tapas route as you really shouldn’t miss this traditional way of eating and entertaining in Granada!

The tapas trail is one of the best ways to get to know Granada, go to "bar hopping", tasting their specialties, wondering around the city, discovering its monuments and of course, its rich cuisine. It is much more than a game of  ‘take a straw’, is an art, a way of sharing, whilst enjoying its people, conversation and very typical of life in Granada. Not knowing the tapas is to ignore the spirit of its people and their traditions.

We will divide the entire group in smaller teams. Next, every team will receive the instructions for the game together with a map, writing material and at least one photo camera per group. All the teams start at the same time, leaving from the same spot, but they will visit the different challenge spots in a different order for each team. During the tour, the teams have to solve puzzles, find the solution to riddles, take photos, find a legend or history, and taste local dishes. When all of the  teams have completed their mission, they all gather at the final destination.

With this city game, we will show you the city’s beautiful places whilst getting to know the city gastronomy, leaving you with a great souvenir and memories of the city.

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