Wellness and Spa

If you want to treat yourself to a spa and visit sunny Andalusia at the same time, then escape to Malaga. Bordered by 15 km of beaches, the capital of the Costa del Sol stretches along the Mediterranean coast.

There is nothing like a turquoise sea, under a clear blue sky, to regain your balance and peace of mind. The capital of the Costa del Sol offers you a relaxing atmosphere in any season.

To boost your team after a long day, a 'thalassotherapy' treatment in Malaga will help you regain the bright side of life, because the Mediterranean coast brings with it trace elements, along with many other health promoting benefits...

Many hotels on the Costa del Sol offer thalassotherapy treatments or spas. If you choose this option, take time to stroll on the beach, preferably early in the morning to soak up the marine climate, rich in soothing negative ions.

To complete your relaxation, steam baths, swimming pools with massage jets and  underwater corridor rollers are on offer...

Let go of muscle tension and find the beautiful harmony of life!

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