City Gymkhana

Today is the turn of visiting one of the most beautiful places in the Basque Country: San Sebastian. But it is not an ordinary visit. We have created a special historic and cultural gymkhana around the city.

The participants will be divided into 3 or 4 groups and each provided with a city map and a local guide. The itinerary offers 5 or 6 stops where you will meet a typical character such as a fisherman or a soldier. After the gymkhana the participants will continue with some gastronomic activity to sample some of the local dishes. We could not forget about a “pintxos route”!

You will follow a route with five different stops in well-known restaurants. You will be given a plate and a choice of fifty different pintxos. Seated at the tables, you will be met by the chef who will explain the ingredients and the culture of the pintxos.

After lunch, it's time to discover the city on your own and try some of San Sebastian's cider houses and tapas bars, go for coast walks, and just relax in the old town with a glass of wine in hand. The "Casco Viejo" of this delightful town is small and easy to manoeuvre, with every corner presenting a hidden church or hole in the wall wine bar.

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