Rally and Wine Tour

This activity includes a 4x4 Rally with various tests to be held among the vineyards. This can be in the form of "a treasure hunt among the vineyards," a "rally photo shoot “, or other theme connected with the wine location.

The activity will last for up to four  hours and will take place mainly in the Sonsierra Riojana, an area which offers a compendium of history, landscape, vineyards and unmatched tradition.

In terms of transport, this could be done by : a small convoy of 4x4s, mountain biking or walking.

The route would end in a local original wine cellar offering the most spectacular views and some spectacular wines to sample. In the same wine cellar we could insert some of the treasure hunt challenges, so that and end the excursion with a countryside lunch among the vineyards.

You can also combine this activity with 4x4 vehicles and double quads around the vineyards. The group must be divided into two, half with quads and half the group with 4X4 vehicles and, after the picnic lunch, the vehicles will be changed so that all the participants to enjoy the same experience. After the activity, we will get back to San Sebastian by bus.

The perfect activity for an interesting and active day in the countryside...

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