Sailing Activities

Historically, the sea has always generated a lot of interest for the people of San Sebastian and it can also be an effective tool to develop team spirit and make unforgettable incentives.

From enjoying a romantic sunset while sipping a glass of Lambrusco to meetings and incentives for groups, via the whale watching, the opportunities on board a ship are many and varied.

The choice of regatta is the best to inculcate the values of the company through events that occur in a sailing competition. Indeed, observation, coordination and execution of specific tasks allow to go as far as possible. It can be organised out on crystal blue waters with the sun shining down and the fresh sea air invigorating the senses.

Working together to sail the boats across the courses, team members will have different roles and learn how to effectively coordinate their efforts to successfully advance across the course. The various roles required within each team and the full training given prior to the regatta make it an activity that is accessible to all levels.

In the hands of specialist support staff and the sporting  professionals, live a unique experience under the warmth of  Spanish sun!

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