Sporting Activities

Santiago de Compostela is an ideal place to enjoy the surrounding nature and many sports.

In the vicinity of Santiago de Compostela, valleys and forests with lush vegetation are ideal sites for the practice of hiking and other sports. If you like sports, Santiago de Compostela is an ideal destination for adventure sports, but also for golf courses.

At only half an hour by car or bus, you will find the beaches and water points of great ecological interest. Canoeing, hydro, rafting and kite surfing are practiced on the courses of Ulla, the Mino, the Tambre and also in the waters of Baixas and Rias Altas. For diving activities, you can initiate it on the Galician coast, whatever your level.

For the more patient and calmer of you, the rivers and ponds in the region are an ideal playground for fishing for trout or salmon.

Enyevent Solutions will find the most suitable activity for your project based on your goal.

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