4x4 Rally in Sierra Norte

This activity is aimed at those who want to enjoy the nature trail adventure to its maximum. From Seville we will visit the Northern Sierra by 4x4 vehicles and will end our beautiful journey by a Bike experience through forests and rivers.

The 4x4 route is designed so that, through the winding roads of this beautiful region  participants may have direct contact with nature and discover all the secrets of the landscape, and the society of the people who live there. The 4x4 route has a duration of half a day.

We will stop for a country-side picnic and then change vehicle … and now , if you wish, we will continue by bike!

In the Sierra Norte de Seville, there are very many interesting aspects of nature to discover among all these secrets of the local landscape. The bicycle route will take us approximately two hours.

We will include for this activity all the necessary vehicles (4x4 and bikes), a roadbook, talkie-walkies, snacks and water kit, the picnic lunch,  insurance and permissions, and the qualified instructors and all our dedication to make this trip an unforgettable for you and your guests!

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