Flamenco Workshop

First of all, what is 'Flamenco"? Flamenco is a genuine Southern Spanish art and it exists in three forms : Cante - the song, Baile - the dance, and Guitarra - the guitar.

Being such an important and passionate feature in Sevilla’s tradition and history, we would like to offer a special group course of flamenco, available all year round.  The objective is to get to know the basic moves whilst having fun with your colleagues. These courses are designed for the specific needs and tastes of the participants who will join us in this experience. The course has a variable duration and intensity, with a minimum of 6 people. The classes are based on different possible combinations of technique, dance instruction and classes of Compás & Palmas -flamenco rhythm & handclaps.

Depending on the budget of the group, we can also organize the presence of a guitarist and/or flamenco singer which will allow participants to enjoy an authentic flamenco atmosphere as a side show, where dance instruction is presented with the backdrop of the notes of a guitar and the sound of the cantes.

We can provide flamenco traditional fans or castanets for a final choreography and souvenir of the activity!

We will then suggest going for dinner to one of the city’s best flamenco shows where you will see the professionals and put into practice what you have learnt during the course.

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