Sailing Regatta

Feel the adrenaline of a sailing regatta with your team, where fun and thrills can be combined with sightseeing - visit the Port of Valencia, and enjoy some relaxation and good food to make for the perfect activity.

Sailing Regattas can be organised in some incredibly beautiful locations out on crystal blue waters with the sun shining down and the fresh sea air invigorating the senses. Working together to sail the boats across the courses, team members will have different roles and learn how to effectively coordinate their efforts to successfully navigate their way across the course. The various roles required within each team and the full training given prior to the regatta make it an activity that is accessible to all levels of skills and experience.

As well as the excitement of the competition, no trip out to sea is complete without some relaxation and sailing regattas ensure that there is time for you to unwind and soak up the beautiful surroundings once the racing is completed.

Why not feel the lure of the waves and the spirit of the sea as you sail side by side with your team in a nautical event to remember.

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