Hotel Accommodation

Enyevent Solutions operates in cities and destinations which offer a huge range of hotels across the complete spectrum of quality and value, luxury and budget and we can work with you to locate the hotels which are just right for you, your delegates and your guests – and within your budget!

Long and strong business relationships with a wide range of International and Local hotel chains situated in Spain, France and Monaco allow us to obtain the best hotel selections, to give you an accurate advice on the property features and above all, to guarantee a competitive quotation.

Enyevent Solutions team invests in regular site inspections to review the suggested hotels in order to always maintain a quality control. We are also keen on keeping you updated with the latest news about the hotel industry, such as chain changes, new openings and refurbishments.

Together with the hotel search, we provide hospitality and registration services by assisting all the check in and check out logistics, either with our own team or with the assistance of a professional local hostess.

For the Leisure Groups, we are able to offer a suitable choice of hotel for every budget by taking advantage of  the Leisure Groups Net Contracted Rates that we sign with a different selection of Hotel chains throughout the year.

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